GPS shield with SD slot + Antenna for Arduino UNO R3

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Arduino GPS shield založený na module GPS NEO – 6 s externou anténou a s integrovaným slotom na SD kartu. Shield je kompatibilný s doskou Arduino UNO alebo Mega2560. GPS piny (RX, TX) je možné pomocou prepojok pripojiť na piny D0-D7. GPS zároveň poskytuje veľmi presný čas!


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It is based on the NEO – 6 u blox 6 GPS module, and its pins are compatible with Arduino/MEGA board. Regular GPS pins (RX, TX) can be connected to Arduino D0-D7.

Several GPS receivers are easily installed on the expansion board and you can find your exact position within a few meters. At the same time, GPS also provides a very accurate time for you!

It is applied to automobile navigation, personal positioning, team management, navigation and so on.

Performance Parameters

1.Using a source GPS antenna;

2. connecting TxD and RxD to Ardino pins (D0-D8 optional) by jumping wire, and the default position for the jumper caps is as below:

D2 < – > RX,

D3 < – > TX.

3. TF cassette, SPI interface, supporting Arduino library;

4. With reset button, supporting directly reset the Arduino baseplate.