Multi-purpose Shield V2 for Arduino Starter

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Ďalší Arduino Shield do Arduino UNO a MEGA2560 pre začínajúcich, ktorý na tejto doske nájdu rozšírenú sadu komponentov o displej, LED diódy, tlačítka, trimer,…


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Multi-purpose Shield V2 is a learning board based on Arduino. No need for soldering and connection. Download directly the program to complete experiment. It is multi-purpose and we offer code libraries of all modules that have been tested. You can use them directly. There are extended ports on the shield to help you to complete other experiment.


1.Compatible with main controller on the market,such as UNO R3 and MEGA2560

2.Using 6-channel LED indicator to show the working condition of program for modulating program conveniently

3.Switching functions with 3-channel keyswitch

4.One reset button

5.Using revolving potentiometer to do analog input

6.Alarming and making sound by passive buzzer module

7.Using 4 bit LED Segment Displays to display data