Ethernet LAN Network Module SPI


Ethernetový modul ENC28J60 pre Arduino 3.3V


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Product Description

chip board ENC28J60-I/SO.

the board 25MHZ crystal.

the network interface board HR911105A.

3.3 V power supply pin.

Size:5.9cm x 3.5cm – 2.32inch x 1.38inch.

Debug reminder:

1, the IP address of the computer to a network segment and module such as IP module, IP computer set:; 192.168.1 is the 3 section;

2, cross the network cable connected to the mouth of the computer network module and mouth; (that is, the cable network 1 3,2 cross, and then do not understand that there are pictures Baidu);

3, the module and the MCU connection should pay attention to the connection of each line is reliable (the surface is not even connected to the good);

4, and the MCU port IO to confirm that is right;

5, the program recompile, download, confirm whether to download! STM32 and 51 IO


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